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The Life and Opinions of the Housecat Hastings

Cover of the novel "The Life and Opinions of the Housecat Hastings" by Harrison Bae WeinHastings is a sophisticated housecat with a serious mission: to raise the social status of the feline species. Born the runt of the litter in an apartment overflowing with cats, Hastings becomes inspired to make his mark upon the world. He teaches himself to read and write, and then chronicles how he developed his unique vision for the betterment of feline society and went on to establish the famed feline community Catamenia. This is the insightful life story of an extraordinary cat told with warmth, humor, and humanity. With echoes of classic literature, the novel is suitable for teens to adults of any age. The Life and Opinions of the Housecat Hastings is written by Harrison Bae Wein and illustrated with warm pencil drawings by the artist Natalie Ewert. Published by Derwood Press.